ZTE launches cybersecurity lab in Brussels

ZTE has opened its cybersecurity lab Europe in Brussels, Belgium to provide a wider range of access to the external security verification of its products, services and processes.

The company has already launched two other cybersecurity labs in Nanjing, China and Rome, Italy.

The lab provides four essential functions including source code review, document review, black box testing and penetration testing. In addition, ZTE will conduct in-depth researches of the security field in the lab, in partnerships with industry-leading security organizations. Moreover, the lab will play a significant role of guaranteeing the security of the company’s 5G solutions.

“ZTE’s original intention of the Cybersecurity Lab Europe is to provide global customers, regulators and other stakeholders with great transparency by means of verification and communication,” said Zhong Hong, Chief Security Officer, ZTE.

ZTE is committed to providing customers with end-to-end secure products and services, integrating security considerations and controls into every aspect of the product life cycle. Confronted with cybersecurity challenges and opportunities as well in the 5G era, the company will keep adhering to its vision of ”Enabling Connectivity and Trust Everywhere” to bring trustworthy cybersecurity capabilities worldwide.


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