ZTE appoints new directors to comply with US regulation

14 directors have tendered their resignation and 8 new directors have been elected at the ZTE’s Annual General Meeting of the company held on June 29, 2018.

On 29 June 2018, 14 directors – Yin Yimin, Zhang Jianheng, Luan Jubao, Zhao Xianming, Wang Yawen, Tian Dongfang, Zhan Yichao, Wei Zaisheng, Zhai Weidong, Richard Xike Zhang, Chen Shaohua, LuHongbing, Bingsheng Teng and Zhu Wuxiang have tendered their resignation.

Eight new directors had been elected at the Annual General Meeting of the company, the 14 former members of the Board of Directors unanimously agreed to resign from the position of directors and the duties of each specialist committee under the Board of Directors of the company with immediate effect.

The Board of Directors of the company comprises of two executive directors – Li Zixue, Gu Junying; three non-executive directors – Li Buqing, Zhu Weimin and Fang Rong; and three independent non-executive directors – Cai Manli, Fuming Bao and Gordon Ng. Li Zixue has been elected as chairman of the company.


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