Work towards a collaborative framework for secure cyber space: Narendra Modi

All stakeholders say nations, industry, academia and civil society needs to work towards a collaborative framework for securing cyber space

Speaking at the Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS) 2017 in New Delhi, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has asked nation sates, industry, academia and civil society to work towards a formal collaborative framework for securing cyber space.

“The large multi-stakeholder participation at this event, is proof of the global endorsement that this platform has received. Nation states, the industry, academia and civil society, all need to work towards a formal collaborative framework. This will enable a secure cyber space which improves quality of life,” said Narendra Modi.

“Digital India” is the world’s largest, technology-led transformative programme which is paving the way for our citizens to avail digital services. We are using mobile power or M-power to empower our citizens,” commented Modi.

“Emerging digital technologies could impact our future in ways that we cannot yet foresee. Important questions of transparency, privacy, trust and security may need to be addressed. Digital technology serves to empower mankind. We must ensure that it continues to stay that way,” added Modi.

In his welcome address, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Electronics & Information Technology and Law & Justice said, “India’s quest for a safe and secure cyber space flows from India’s commitment for an inclusive digital world leading to inclusive and sustainable development. India is privileged to host over 4,000 distinguished delegates from 131 countries who have come together to give a safe, secure and sustainable digital future to the humanity.”

“Corruption and leakages in the service delivery system that were the biggest roadblocks to inclusive growth and sustainable development have been tackled effectively by using the trinity of JanDhan Bank accounts-Aadhaar digital identity and Mobile phones or JAM trinity. Direct Benefit Transfers of financial entitlements into the bank accounts of the poor have benefited 515 million people and has curbed corruption and leakages in the system. It has also led to savings of nearly $9 billion in last three years of tax payers money that was earlier pocketed by fictitious claimants and middlemen,” commented Prasad.

“I am confident that Global Conference on Cyber Space 2017 which is the largest congregation of experts from technology world, researchers, academicians and policy makers would prove to be a milestone in our quest for a safe, secure and inclusive cyber space,” added Prasad.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the UMANG App that aims to bring 162 government services from 33 department and 4 states on a single mobile app, with a larger goal to make the government accessible on the mobile phone of our citizens.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi felicitated the winners of the Global Cyber Challenge called Peace-a-thon. The winners were declared following a 36-hour challenge in the Grand Finale of the Hackathon, wherein hundreds of teams from India, USA, Canada, France, Argentina, Australia and Algeria turned up to showcase their talent and compete in the challenge.




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