Wipro and Nutanix to launch Digital Database Services

Nutanix and Wipro has announced the launch of Wipro’s Digital Database Services (DDS) powered by Nutanix Era and Nutanix HCI software enabling enterprises to efficiently manage databases, optimizing time and effort of IT teams.

With legacy infrastructures, databases can be one of the components that hinders time to value and linear scalability, preventing rapid scaling of operations such as transaction processing in which businesses can lose valuable transactions or insights that directly impact their revenue or decision making capabilities.

The DDS offering from Wipro, powered by Nutanix, empowers customers to consolidate their database workloads onto a shared infrastructure to manage database sprawl. It drives efficiency, agility, cost effectiveness and scalability across the enterprise by automating and simplifying database administration.

Satish Yadavalli, Vice President, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Wipro said, “Wipro’s DDS powered by Nutanix HCI platform and Era delivers end-to-end services from transition, modernization, continuous deployment and automated lifecycle management operations of enterprise, open source and NoSql databases.”

Bala Kuchibhotla, Vice President and General Manager, Nutanix Era and Business Critical Apps, Nutanix said, “Our partnership with Wipro, will help develop efficient and elegant Database-as-a-Service solutions for our customers to further our mission of enabling any organization to embrace the power of the cloud.”

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