Why Dubai appointed minister for Artificial Intelligence?

The appointment of minister for artificial intelligence for the first time in the world shows UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's UAE Centennial 2071 vision of making UAE, the world's leading nation

Recently, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Prime Minister and Vice President and ruler of Dubai announced Omar Sultan Al Olama as Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence (AI). This announcement is not only first of its kind in the region but also first of its kind in the world and will see investment in the UAE in AI technologies and tools to enhance government performance and efficiency.

Speaking at the launch, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said, “AI is the new wave smart government and after that will depend upon our services and our industries and out future down to the year 2071.”

Why is UAE looking at Artificial Intelligence in a big way?

Dubai government has some very ambitious plan. First, Dubai government is planning to go Digital by 2021. Second, planning to establish first human settlement on Mars by 2117. Third, Dubai aims to produce 75 per cent of its energy requirements form clean sources by 2050. Fourth, by 2030, Dubai wants 25 per cent of the total transportation in the emirate to be autonomous. All these future objectives is forcing UAE to look at Artificial Intelligence in a big way.

UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy is the first project under UAE Centennial 2071 and is dedicated to building the future of the UAE. UAE started with e-Government in 2000, followed by m-Government in 2013, m-Transformation in 2015 and lastly UAE 2031 focused on Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Artificial Intelligence will be embraced both in the public as well as private sectors and is the next step after Smart Government whereby services, sectors and future infrastructure will rely on AI as UAE approach 2071.

UAE 2031 Artificial Intelligence Strategy:

Education: Reducing costs and enhancing the desire to learn

Transportation: Reducing accidents and operational costs

Energy: Facilities management and smart consumption

Space: Accurate testing and reduction of costly error rates

Technology: Raising the percentage of production and communication effectiveness

Source: UAE 2031 Artificial Intelligence Strategy

UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy focuses on multiple pillars. First, the focus is on boosting GDP by 35 per cent. Second, reducing government annual costs by 50 per cent as government and citizen does 250 million paper transactions per year and 190 million hours per year wasted because of transaction and 1,000 million Km is covered in terms of long distances in the UAE to finalise these transactions. Third, the use of AI will help in 90 per cent resistance from financial crisis.

The government is focusing on all sectors be it education, transportation, energy, space and technology. All this will help make UAE a smart nation which is smart and efficient by disrupting the government to explore future risks, refine future strategies with use of technology and invent future opportunities.


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