We are engaged in PoCs with telecom operators and public sector companies: Rakesh Goyal, CEO, Infinity Labs

Photo: Rakesh Goyal, CEO, Infinity Labs

Rakesh Goyal, CEO, Infinity Labs has more than 28 years of experience with Cisco, Nortel and Bay Networks. He has delivered customer success through people leadership, business management and customer engagement and is credited to implement automation in network deployment and field operations managed services for big greenfield and brownfield networks like Reliance, Airtel, IAF, VF, HDFC, BSE, CWG and Dhiraagu. Talking to DigiAnalysys, Rakesh Goyal talks about SD-WAN market in India, partnership with Palo Alto Networks, company’s USP and Proof of Concepts with telecom operators and PSUs. Excerpts of the interview:

How big is the market for SD-WAN solutions in India as well as worldwide and what is the expected growth rate in the next 2-3 years?
The SD-WAN market is growing globally as traditional WAN networks are not able to take care of the growing application traffic and enable prioritisation and bandwidth aggregation between different transports. As per Gartner report, 90% of router refreshes by 2022 will be replaced by vCPE or SD-WAN. If you believe that digital disruption is a fact and digital transformation is not an option, then SD-WAN is the one that’s going to be the framework on which it is going to be built. When customer demand is application flexibility and Quality of Experience (QoE), for business, the need is cost efficiency and security.

SD-WAN is the solution that addresses the requirement of both the stakeholders. As per Gartner and other third party analysts SD-WAN market is vibrant and expected to with the forecast of over 60%+ CAGR and overall market size forecasted to be US $6 billion plus by 2023. The most attractive aspect of SD-WAN is that the RoI is the fastest in comparison with most other IT investments and it makes organization cloud ready.

What are the verticals that you are focusing on in India?
SD-WAN is an industry agnostic solution that can be used in any business concern that is looking out for cost optimization of WAN and overall efficiency improvement. There is a huge potential in the market and therefore most of the vendors providing gateway solutions have come up with their own version of SD-WAN. The recent acquisitions in this sector in the tune of billions also proves the market demand. Hence, Infinxt can be the right investment for many organizations across industries particularly IT/ITES, telecom, BFSI, NBFC, retail, healthcare, SMB, manufacturing and service consultants.

Partnership with Palo Alto Networks and how are you planning to leverage it?
Even before Infinxt was conceptualised, we had a thriving relationship with Palo Alto networks as the professional services partner focusing on automation needs globally. We have also established a joint ODC in India and are offering services for Palo Alto’s end customers. Given the changing dynamics and additional security concerns, we firmly believe that Next Generation SD-WAN with Palo Alto’s NGFW provides an unbeatable offering for our customers. We are really excited with this partnership which is very deep and wide. We have jointly tested the solutions and have created a joint support model, so our customers are not just getting the best single window support but also would be able to leverage all ongoing development. Palo Alto Networks can leverage the offering to cater to the security requirements of price conscious customers, and Infinity Labs finds a most credible security partner in Palo Alto networks to augment its SD-WAN solution.

Customers that you have signed for Proof of Concept and SD-WAN deployment in India?
We are thankful to our existing customers for showing faith in us and we are committed to work with them to help them with the improved network efficiency and security. We have customers across in government, public sector and financial segments. We are also working with service providers. We are glad to share that we are getting a very positive traction in the market place across industries e.g. manufacturing, government, civic services, retail & healthcare etc. We are engaged in PoCs with various credible players in telecom space as well some very prominent public sector companies.

What is the number of customers that you are planning to sign for SD-WAN and revenue projection in the next one year?
We have set up a 3 year growth plan and are targeting high single digit market share over the next 12 months and are implementing a comprehensive GTM strategy for successfully achieving the same. With unmatchable features, high security, best in class support and extremely competitive pricing, we believe that this will be a very compelling offering for enterprises.

What’s the USP of the solution vis-a-vis competitors?
The performance and security of any application is defined by the architecture of the same. Infinxt is a true SD-WAN that is built on the core fundamentals of SDN that mandates the solution to have the Control Plane decoupled from the Data Plane. Early Generation of SD-WAN providers were primarily focused on cost reduction via replacing MPLS with low-cost broadband.

Infinxt Next Generation SD-WAN handles data and network security with in-built NGFW, SLA based Application Performance Enhancement, Traffic Shaping, Multi/ Hybrid Cloud App aware routing, in addition to the traditional SD-WAN features. Few of the Key differentiators are:
Zero Touch Provisioning: You don’t need to be a Tech geek to create a completely secure overlay network on the existing internet. Infinxt Mobile APP based ZTP makes it possible just in a few clicks.

Streaming Telemetry: Streaming Telemetry is one of our key USPs of the solution which is a game changer. This enables real time device monitoring and collection of KPIs like CPE health, WAN, CPU, memory utilization, latency, jitter etc. of network elements ensuring real time analytics.

WAN Cost Optimization: Infinxt Next Generation Secure Software Defined WAN is the technology to virtualize WAN transport and get operational cost efficiencies and faster go to market by replacing/aggregating traditional circuits with cost-effective Internet broadband and LTE. The technology ensures better uptime using link redundancy fortified with next generation security.

Next Generation Firewall: Legacy firewall security solutions react to new threats. Intelligent network security stays ahead of attackers and improves business continuity. Infinxt SD-WAN comes with a pre-hosted Palo Alto Networks VM that provides the additional Layer 7 security, URL filtering and threat protection. Palo Alto Networks industry-leading family of next-generation firewalls are the first to leverage machine learning for proactive real-time and inline zero-day protection.

Role based Management: Infinxt provides its customers flexibility in management of Network operations and security through dedicated dashboards to NoC and SoC teams. User access rights to the controller would be clearly pre-defined as per their roles and responsibilities.

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