Vodafone selects Sedona’s NetFusion

Vodafone has selected Sedona’s NetFusion as the Hierarchical Controller to create a flexible, software-defined transport network.

The solution will deliver coordinated management of different vendors and technologies, to build on-demand transport services and maximize service availability.

“NetFusion provides a real-time view of the network and services, abstracting all its complexity to a single and easy-to-manage model,” said Santiago Tenorio, Head of Network Strategy & Architecture at Vodafone.

”This unlocks many automation opportunities to deliver a highly resilient and programmable network and allows Vodafone to deliver a differentiated customer experience,” added Tenorio.

“Mass 5G deployment are right around the corner, and forward-looking operators like Vodafone are getting ready for it,” said Ori Gerstel, Sedona Co-Founder and CTO.

“With a dramatic increase in the number of network elements, complexity will skyrocket. Our Hierarchical Controller is a way to manage this complexity. It controls the underlay network from a single point, handling a broad range of service types, with widely differing requirements for bandwidth, performance, and availability. We are happy that Vodafone has acknowledged this value and selected our solution,” added Sedona.

Vodafone and Sedona Systems will demonstrate an innovative approach to service provisioning and assurance across multi- domain Transport networks at Mobile World Congress. The demo showcases advanced unified service provisioning across a multi-domain network with multilayer service-to-fiber visualization capabilities and automatic traffic rerouting when a fault is anticipated through AI-based predictive analysis. The demo is based on the Sedona’s NetFusion product.


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