Videocon Telecom targeting Rs. 1,658 crore in FY2017-18

Videocon Telecom is targeting Rs. 1,658 crore in FY2017-18 through broadband, wholesale carrier, smart solutions, CCTV solutions and smartphone accessories.

The company is all set to deliver revenue from its existing, newly setup and upcoming business lines like: Broadband & FTTH business in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh; Wholesale ILD carrier business; Smart solutions; Tower business and security & surveillance; and smartphone accessories.

“Self-sustaining business lines is the company’s mantra while selecting new business to venture into. All the business lines, be it existing, newly setup or upcoming, our first criteria is that the business should be cash positive from the word go, and we don’t have to burn any money to make it run,” said Arvind Bali, CEO, Videocon Telecom.

Among the company’s existing business lines is its broadband & FTTH business in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. The company is the market leader in Punjab and aims to maintain its revenue and customer market share. Videocon plans to expand its footprint in the circle by adding another 15% fibre this year in addition to its existing 6,000 Km fibre.

“Maintaining our leadership position in Punjab, we aspire to increase our RMS from by another 4% by 2020,” added Bali.

Videocon also provides B2B Enterprise Communication solutions under the brand name of ‘Videocon Edge’. The vertical is engaged in providing enterprise communication solutions including Bulk SMS, OBD (out bound dialer)/IVR (interactive voice response), toll free solution, shortcode and longcode solution etc.

The company will be focusing on the fast growing security and surveillance business. Videocon has been undertaking many security and surveillance projects for government bodies and enterprises including IP based CCTV solutions, access control solutions, scanners etc.

“We are expanding our geographical reach this year to undertake more such projects across the country. Other than the large projects, we will also be focusing on the fast growing retail CCTV market which is expected to be approximately 25% to 30% of the overall video surveillance market. We will soon roll out our own CCTV brand to address this fast growing segment,” said Arvind Bali.

Videocon is also venturing in the smartphone accessories market and will offer range of products including smartwatches, smartbands, bluetooth headphones, speakers, power banks, earphones, chargers, cables etc.

“Our tower business although is small, but is profitable. Our focus this year will be to increase tenancy on our existing towers and diligently add new towers considering tenancy the potential,” added Bali.

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