Trimax bags Ahmedabad Smart City for Rs. 250 crore

Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services has bagged Ahmedabad Smart City project for supply, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance for pan city ICT infrastructure.

The project is worth Rs. 250 crore and is valid for 5 years. The smart city project covers components like: city wide network/connectivity, creation of city wide infrastructure, city surveillance system, smart sensors, Wi-Fi hotspots and digital board. The project also includes integrated command and control centre with specific focus on traffic regulation, surveillance, emergency response and real time tracking of services.

Trimax will be the provider of various smart solutions under the smart city mission for Ahmedabad city like: Smart surveillance system, smart parking, smart traffic monitoring system, sensors, digital boards, Wi-Fi hotspots and availability of high speed connectivity.

The smart city surveillance system (SCSS) will enable Ahmedabad Police to keep a watch on sensitive areas of the city through a centrally integrated operations and features like face detection and video based analytics will given them an added avantage. Further, SCSS will provide advanced level of digital security and surveillance system.

Area traffic Control System (ATCS) will use a centralized algorithm based logic to regulate the traffic and identify the traffic volume based on video analytic technique to monitor the traffic behavior on various corridors of Ahmedabad city, based on the real-time data collected by the systems.

Trimax will provide internet facility at public places to Ahmedabad citizens via setting up of Wi-Fi hotspots at the public places like parks, tourist places and other public places spread across the city.

Smart environment sensors will also be deployed to gather data about pollution, temperature, rains, and levels of gases in the city (pollution), air quality, water quality and any other events on a daily basis. The data will be used for the administration to further take appropriate actions. As a part of the smart city Initiative, Trimax will install smart street lighting across the BRTS corridor routes.

Looking at the huge volume of information generation with the help of pan city ICT infrastructure it is envisaged to have a Centralized Integrated Command and Control Center for Ahmedabad Smart City.

Trimax has been given a time frame of 150 days for the completion of Ahmedabad Smart City project and will also look after operations and maintenance services for a period of five years.

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