Top 10 Most Valuable & Top 10 Strongest Telcos

AT&T, Verizon, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom and NTT Group is the most valuable telcos and AIS, China Mobile, Digi, Swisscom and Jio is the strongest telcos

Top 10 Most Valuable Brands:

US telco AT&T has retained its title as the world’s most valuable telecoms brand, for the third year in a row despite a modest 6% brand value increase over past 12 months. The operator has a brand value of $87 bn and a huge focus on investment in LTE and U-verse and equipment vendors by delivering a network. Having closed down its 2G infrastructure, the brand has reassigned focus on LTE with a huge $14 bn investment.

AT&T has also partnered with vendors to trial 5G technologies and services in an effort to branch out their commercial services offering into the year ahead. US rival Verizon holds on to second place with a brand value of $71.1 bn whilst China Mobile retains its third rank since last year, with brand value up 5% to $55.6 bn.

  1. AT&T – $87,005 mn
  2. Verizon – $71,154 mn
  3. China Mobile – $55,670 mn
  4. Deutsche Telekom – $46,259 mn
  5. NTT Group – $41,670 mn
  6. Xfinity – $27,098 mn
  7. Vodafone – $21,322 mn
  8. Orange – $21,005 mn
  9. China Telecom – $20,636 mn
  10. SoftBank – $19,295 mn

Deutsche Telekom leading the charge (brand value up 15% to $46.3 bn) is at 4th position, NTT Group is at 5th position with brand value of $41.7 bn, Xfinity is at 6th position with brand value of $27 bn, Vodafone (up 14% to $21.3 bn) at 7th position and Orange (down 5% to $21.0 bn) at 8th position, China Telecom is at 9th position with brand value of $20.6 bn and SoftBank is at 10th position with brand value of $19.3 bn.

Top 10 Strongest Brands:

In addition to calculating brand value, Brand Finance also determines the relative strength of brands through a balanced scorecard of metrics evaluating marketing investment, stakeholder equity and business performance. Along with the level of revenues, brand strength is a crucial driver of brand value.

According to these criteria, Thailand’s Advanced Info Service (AIS) is now the world’s strongest telecoms brand, a title previously held by China Mobile. With a brand strength index (BSI) score of 90 out of 100, the brand continues to benefit from its strategy of diversifying from its telecoms business to focus on fixed broadband. Its fixed-line broadband offering has shown greater stability and lucrative growth prospects as compared to mobile over the past few years.

China Mobile stands second with BSI score of 89.4. Malaysian brand DiGi rises through the ranks of the world’s most valuable telecoms brands. Having upgraded its brand strength rating to AAA this year, DiGi is the third strongest telecoms brand with a BSI score of 87.8 out of 100. With a significant position in the brand’s home market of Malaysia, DiGi prides itself on providing its customers with quality digital experiences over a consistent network. Swisscom is placed 4th with scores of 87.2.

  1. AIS – 90.0
  2. China Mobile – 89.4
  3. Digi – 87.8
  4. Swisscom – 87.2
  5. Jio – 87.0
  6. Freemobile – 86.7
  7. Vodacom – 85.8
  8. Telekom Indonesia – 85.5
  9. Singtel – 85.4
  10. MTS – 85.3

India’s Reliance Jio is a new entrant to the Brand Finance Telecoms 300 table, dialling in at 44th rank with a brand value of $3.6 bn and an impressive AAA brand rating. Reliance Jio is making headway towards becoming India’s number 1 telco provider and it seems likely that the brand will retain its low-price strategy as it continues to grow, gain and retain a reputation across Indian customers. The brand is placed 5th with scores of 87.0. Free Mobile is placed 6th with scores of 86.7, Vodacom is placed 7th with scores of 85.8, Telekom Indonesia is placed at 8th with scores of 85.5, Singtel is placed at 9th with scores of 85.4 and MTS is placed at 10th with scores of 85.3.


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