Teradata join hands with Cisco for smart cities

Teradata has joined hands with Cisco for digital transformation solution with a focus on smart cities.

Combining the merits of Cisco’s IoT platform, Cisco Kinetic for Cities, with the Teradata Analytics Platform, the solution will help cities become smarter and more connected by providing a powerful solution for integrated data exchange.

The Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform excels at collecting, aggregating and normalizing real-time data securely across city networks. Teradata is among the first enterprise data analytics companies to integrate with this platform to provide smart data management, such as analytics, persistent data lifecycle management and data enrichment, that delivers business insights to cities and communities.

Together, the two leaders in their respective fields provide powerful tools that cities need to improve efficiency, enhance public safety, deliver better citizen services and create new revenue streams.

“Far too many cities do not fully recognize the value of their data,” said Anil Menon, Global President for Smart+Connected Communities at Cisco.

“With the Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform, we aim to help cities think holistically about their city infrastructure investments and the value of the data captured by their connected assets, such as traffic cameras, parking meters and environmental sensors. Once data is aggregated, customers using Teradata’s analytics can leverage the resulting contextualized information to guide planning, monetization and broader economic development efforts that keep cities liveable, sustainable and resilient,” added Menon.

“Data is the lynchpin for all critical initiatives and can be a key asset for the creation of a digitally empowered society. I believe that such partnerships and integrations provide the platform to contribute significantly to the success of the government’s smart mission,” said Souma Das, Managing Director, Teradata India.

“Cisco and Teradata platforms are cornerstones of such an ecosystem, which can empower city managers to make better, data-driven decisions,” said Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Officer, Teradata.


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