TEOCO adds long term support to its service assurance solutions for CSPs

TEOCO, the leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimization solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide announces the release of Helix 11.3, the latest version of its Service Assurance Solution with a new Long Term Support (LTS) feature.

Helix 11.3 will be supported and maintained for five years, longer than the standard editions of the solution. This enhanced support will cater to CSP customers who prefer a less frequent release pace, but who also require up to date service packs with security patches and critical bug fixes.

“TEOCO’s long history of commitment to its customer base led to our new Long Term Support version. We continue to focus on improving and simplifying network management, engineering and monitoring, while upgrading and modernizing our platform and infrastructure to the latest technologies,” said Jugad Bawa, Director, Sales, South Asia and Middle East, TEOCO, India.

The carrier-grade, 5G ready and highly scalable Helix Service Assurance suite equips telecom operators’ NOC, SOC, and engineering teams with powerful tools to predict, detect and resolve service problems and network outages. The new release includes a new performance management anomalies detection dashboard, an improved ability to investigate and take action according to anomalies’ algorithm results. Helix’s new Sentinel commands feature also enables users to send network commands from any Sentinel widget, as well as run diagnostics for enhanced investigation.

“This version comes ahead of a major release planned for the end of the year, which will leap jump cloud-native functionalities, scalability and elasticity,” said Shachar Ebel, CTO, TEOCO.

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