TenX2 partners Qogno to provide 5G solutions

TenX2 and Qogno have announced strategic partnership to enable 5G-ready connected solutions for urban and rural India.

The partnership will strive to aggregate best of IoT innovations across APAC & Europe for deployment as part of Smart Cities and Digital Village projects in India and other 5G ready markets.

Smart City cluster showcase at IMC would include smart retail innovations in energy monitoring, food safety and automation; smart home solutions including water & energy monitoring; camera-based sensors & visitor management systems for smart office workspaces; smart Industry 4.0 solutions including cold chain, enterprise assets, sites and machinery monitoring as well as next gen EV and digital device charging stations. The Smart City cluster showcase is aligned to UN sustainability goals for urban development, clean and affordable water and energy.

Digital Village showcases innovations for UN sustainable goals of food security and life on land. The model village as exhibited at IMC features digitised farm operations, crop, farm weather monitoring & farmer advisory, cattle traceability & health monitoring, made-in-India electric autonomous tractor, integrated as part of Qogno village secretariat Infrastructure across India.

The innovations showcase at IMC 2019 is a first step in a continued program of collaboration between Qogno and TenX2 to drive through smart infrastructural projects as well as help the growth of India’s IoT startup ecosystem, with plans to extend footprint across Asia and Europe.


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