Maxima Digital to invest $100 mn for free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi inside all Delhi metro trains except Pink Line will be a reality by end-2020 thanks to Maxima Digital and Techno Sat Comm partnership

DMRC’s Managing Director, Mangu Singh today launched free high speed Wi-Fi service inside metro trains of the 24 Km Airport Express Line which connects Indira Gandhi International Airport to New Delhi Railway Station.

“In a phased manner, Wi-Fi service will be launched in Line 1 to Line 6 of DMRC except Pink Line and the entire work will be completed by December 2020 and there would be no financial involvement of DMRC,” said Mangu Singh.

Maxima Digital (Partner of MaximaTelecom of Russia), the lead partner for DMRC’s (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) free high speed Wi-Fi service inside metro trains is planning to invest $100 million by end-2020.

“These are the funds of the private investors. In the upcoming future we expect to raise funds – private equity funds and banks. At the moment, we expect that the amount of investment in the project will be in the range of $100 million,” according to Maxima Digital spokesperson.

DMRC has tied up with Maxima Digital Pvt. Ltd. which creates, operates and monetizes digital city infrastructure. In 2013, Maxima became the first company in the world to build and launch a free high-speed Wi-Fi network on subway trains in Moscow.

The Russian company has served as the key consultant, general contractor and the supplier of technologies for organizing and monetizing free Wi-Fi on DMRC trains. Construction and commissioning works were performed by the consortium of Indian companies, including Maxima Telecom’s partner Techno Sat Comm.

The Delhi Metro network is based on technology, implemented in Moscow and St. Petersburg Metro. The consortium has laid 24 Km fiber, 7 Km power cable and around 44 base stations (pole and frame type) which connect to the ones in a head car installed in the tunnels. Every train (driver cars) is equipped with radios to connect to the trackside network and every car in the train has wireless access points for passengers to connect. Each train is connected to the network at an average speed of more than 100 Mbps.

The daily ridership of the Airport Express Line exceeds 80,000 passengers. The Blue and the Yellow Lines will be the next segments where Wi-Fi on trains will appear as they provide more than 50% of the DMRC daily ridership.

The company is planning to monetise free Wi-Fi network through advertisements and value added services related to airline passenger information system, train information system, weather information system and others said Nirav Dave, Managing Director, Techno Sat Comm (India) Pvt. Ltd.

We anticipate capital breakeven in 7 years for DMRC Wi-Fi project says spokesperson of Maxima Digital.

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