TDC launches 5G pilot in Denmark

TDC has launched 5G pilot network in the city of Helsingor, Denmark thanks to Ericsson delivered 5G network equipment.

The pilot network went live during a joint Ericsson-TDC event in Helsingor that featured multiple 5G demonstrations including an immersive gaming experience. Local partners and municipal customers have been granted access to test new services on the 5G network.

The network is built using Ericsson’s commercial 5G hardware and software, including Massive MIMO radio (AIR 6488) from Ericsson Radio System and represents an important milestone in Denmark’s journey towards commercial 5G and global Industry 4.0 opportunities.

Arun Bansal, President of Europe and Latin America, Ericsson said, “The success of this 5G pilot signals great things in store not just for Helsingør but for Denmark as a whole. The benefits of 5G’s high speeds, low latency, and superior reliability will make a real difference. Ericsson is leading the way on 5G in Europe, so we are pleased to work with partners such as TDC to ensure that their customers in turn also benefit from that leadership and expertise.”

Andreas Pfisterer, CEO, TDC NET said, “I am truly excited that TDC, together with Ericsson, is building 5G infrastructure to enable a digital Denmark with the best wireless network. 5G will empower a new era for the digital economy and will allow Denmark to build on its position as a global digital frontrunner. We are very proud to be announcing the successful launch of this pilot network. Together with Ericsson, we are on track to bring 5G coverage to the entire country, allowing Danes to enjoy much faster mobile broadband able to support the ever-growing demands from new services and applications coming to the market.”

In March 2019, Ericsson was chosen by TDC for the rollout of commercial 5G (including managed services) as part of a major network overhaul. Today, the 5G pilot network is successfully underway in its trial phase, operating on a 3.5 GHz test license.


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