TCIL to deploy Digital Village in Cambodia

The Government of India has signed an MoU with Government of Cambodia to initiate Digital Village Pilot Project in Takeo Province.

The MoU covers areas of telecommunication networks for e.g. broadband, WiFi, radio, satellite communications etc. Not only this, the MoU covers areas of skill development, capacity building and higher education through the use of ICT.

The Digital Village Project in Cambodia is currently being rolled out as a pilot project and later the focus will be to undertake rural connectivity along with the desired services and create digital villages in Cambodia. This pilot project shall provide digital connectivity to un-serviced rural areas and ICT services such as Internet, e-Health (Tele-medicine), e-Education, e-Commerce, e-Governance etc would be provided. Connectivity would not only be restricted to fibre optics but also showcases hardware technologies, software capabilities like e-services and various other packages.

The Cambodia project is up and running with the signing of the MoU between V Raghunandan, DDG – IR, DoT and Sok Puthyvuth, Vice Minister and Secretary of State, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Government of Cambodia. The Government of India has identified TCIL as the implementing agency for executing the Digital Village Pilot Project in countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

TCIL has undertook a feasibility study in Cambodia in 2018 and submitted its report to ministry of external affairs, government of India and identified Traing village in Takeo Province as the site for setting up the Digital Village Project.

Business opportunities for TCIL in Cambodia are: Building infrastructure and developing e-payment systems, setting up of data centre, developing short term customized courses in technology integration and cyber security for govt employees of Cambodia, skill development for youth with Industry integration for entry level jobs and entrepreneurship development courses with the possibility to integrate with e-commerce portals worldwide, training of all Cambodian teachers in schools, colleges and universities on scholarship basis or exchange student basis, developing online courses in local language Khmer for remote areas, interactive classes with Indian universities and training institutes, and e-learning for degree courses, disaster management courses with common alert protocol.

The Digital Village Project will provide access to digital life and related opportunities in education and livelihood along with healthcare facilities to the 924,758 strong population of Takeo Province. Once successful, the pilot project will be scaled to other parts of Cambodia.


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