Tata Communications to equip Surbana with cloud solutions

Tata Communications is working with Surbana Jurong to equip its Internet of Things (IoT) enabled lifts and escalators with secure, scalable connectivity to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

The IoT-enabled monitoring system uses artificial intelligence tools on a Microsoft Azure cloud platform to predict when a lift or escalator is likely to fail, and trigger an alert for maintenance before a breakdown occurs. This IoT connectivity service enables data to be carried over an edge-to-edge encrypted virtual private network (VPN) for maximum reliability.

Joe Keen Poon, Managing Director of Smart City Solutions at Surana Jurong said, “If unscrupulous individuals were able to intercept mission-critical lift or escalator data, the knock-on effect could be hugely disruptive for many buildings and communities. By-passing the public Internet and using an ultra-secure VPN instead helps enhance the reliability of our customers’ lifts and escalators and minimise their downtime.”

The combination of Microsoft Azure and Tata Communications MOVE enables Surbana Jurong to collect and manage its customers’ lift maintenance data seamlessly globally, facilitating its expansion to new markets.

Surbana Jurong is on track to deploy IoT devices in all lifts and escalators that it monitors, with all data stored in Microsoft Azure data centres in Singapore. Tata Communications MOVE will help these IoT devices to be deployed quickly by leveraging the company’s relationships with more than 600 mobile network operators, and its private connectivity into Microsoft Azure data centres globally.

The fully virtualised, API-enabled, software-defined and fully automated Tata Communications MOVE platform also gives Surbana Jurong real-time control and visibility over lift monitoring data, simplifying the management of lifts on a global scale.

“IoT has the potential to transform how businesses operate, streamlining processes to save time and resources – but many IT decision makers haven’t embraced these technologies because of security fears,” said Anthony Bartolo, Chief Product Officer, Tata Communications.


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