T-Mobile Austria to start 5G commissioning by end-march

T-Moble Austria is planning to start commissioning 5G mobile radio stations throughout Austria, mainly in rural regions by end-March.

Recently, in 5G auction, T-Mobile Austria acquired 110 MHz of spectrum throughout the country (11 packages of 10 MHz each in 12 regions), for a total price of €57 million. In total, 438 out of a total of 468 frequency packages (39 packages of 10 MHz each, in twelve regions) were auctioned across Austria, for a total price of around €188 million.

“With this frequency-spectrum auction, T-Mobile Austria has laid a solid foundation for the fastest possible 5G deployment in Austria. With our investment of €57 million, we are making a clear commitment to Austria’s digital future. In just a few weeks we will be able to offer the first customers mobile broadband at fiber-optic speed over 5G,” says T-Mobile CEO Andreas Bierwirth on the results of the 5G frequency auction.

“Our expansion strategy is based on diverse networks. In rural areas, 5G and LTE will bring internet even to remote valleys in Austria. In suburban areas, hybrid and DSL will also provide high-performance internet. In cities, our fiber-optic cable network– in combination with other technologies – will satisfy today’s appetite for data” says Bierwirth.

T-Mobile Austria will incorporate the experience gained from the first 5G locations in 2019 into further Austria-wide 5G expansion. T-Mobile Austria will provide special 5G routers for the first “friendly customers”. The first 5G smartphones are expected over the course of 2019. 5G-enabled smartphones and tablets are expected to be available in a greater model variety and quantity by 2020.

T-Mobile Austria’s investments reached a new record high of €229 million in 2018. Between 2018 and 2021 the company will invest a total of around €1 billion to ensure efficient mobile and fixed.broadband infrastructure for Austria.

Bierwirth said, “We are committed to a long-term investment offensive in Austria. Our customers’ data volume, which is growing exorbitantly, must be transported reliably, and we also want to keep improving our services. Our ultimate promise for Austria’s digital future: We want to be the best for internet, entertainment and service.”


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