Syniverse launches private network for IoT

Syniverse today announced the launch of Syniverse Secure Global Access, a private, secure, global network to safeguard vital business transactions like those needed to support the internet of things (IoT).

Dean Douglas, President and CEO, Syniverse said, “The reality is that the internet was not designed to be a secure environment, with malware and ransomware, data thefts and breaches, and hacks and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks representing just some of the serious rising threats that undermine the public internet backbone.”

By directly connecting the enterprise to the Syniverse network, the Syniverse Secure Global Access provides privacy and security that are not available through the public internet. Moreover, it provides those businesses with secure connectivity to mobile operators across nearly 200 countries and territories.

Syniverse Secure Global Access uniquely reduces a business’s exposure to these types of attacks by operating independently from the public internet to provide a private, global network with the scale necessary for businesses to keep pace with the explosive IoT growth.

Wick said, “The launch of this secure, trusted, global network is the beginning of a new era of secure network solutions we will be offering to businesses and will incorporate features like cloud connectivity, advanced policy-based controls and analytics.”


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