Swipe launches customised tablet and smartphone for enterprises

Companies – big and small, regional and national – are looking at customized tablet PCs and smartphones to help increase brand loyalty and brand recall, courtesy Swipe.

Key sectors including healthcare, education and infomedia are early adopters of customized gadgets and companies from these sectors are offering customised communication devices to its employees, students, customers and vendors etc.

Swipe has been supplying customised tablet and smartphone to enterprise such as: Fasoos Food Services, Akanksha Foundation, NM Wadia Medical College, Amanora Park Town, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, Metro Shoes, Cabby Tabby, Vibble India, Emenox Healthcare, Seasons Marketing, Chocolate Biclate, Moving Digital Frames, Ricky Rickshaw, Eagle Eye Solutions, IOEMAS and Motivation for Excellence Initiative.

On offer are tablets and smartphones with multiple degree of customizations ranging from custom apps, brandings, hardware configuration and tailored customer support. Customizations can be done at Kernel level where we remove all the unwanted apps and include only the required software. This insures a simple to understand UI and optimum utilisation of hardware for the intended purpose, hence offering a fast and seamless user experience.

Depending on the clients need, Swipe can tweak the hardware in regards to screen sizes, processors, camera resolution, connectivity, memory and much more. While on the branding front, a client can get their respective company logos as the boot screen, engraved on the back cover of the devices, and even custom packaging of devices making the entire proposition more appealing.

Commenting on customisation, Shripal Gandhi, Founder and CEO said, “Enterprises are in need of brand-specific customization that can enhance brand recall and also help the sales and after sales team work smarter. In the bargain, this customized technology helps create brand loyalty of a different kind. At Swipe, we always go a step ahead to know what our consumers want and create products for them. Every industry works in a different fashion and even individual company in the same vertical has a different outlook towards business.”

By offering customized devices, the communication and work channel becomes more systematic and simpler. For instance, required data can be accessible from all the devices easily.

Devices can be accustomed to perform whatever function the Enterprise needs – a restaurant needs devices to only take orders, a cab agency needs devices only for entertainment of its passengers, a finance organization needs devices only for sharing data and view stock related news. These functions can be pre-customized according to the needs and demands of the enterprise.


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