Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland unite to prioritize 5G

Nordic Prime Ministers with the 5G Letter of Intent

The Prime Ministers of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland have signed a Letter of Intent committing all five countries to creating the public sector conditions needed for 5G and digitalization to flourish in the Nordics.

The letter was signed by prime ministers Stefan Lofven (Sweden), Erna Solberg (Norway), Lars Lokke Rasmussen (Denmark),

Juha Sipila (Finland) and Katrín Jakobsdóttir (Iceland) at Ornskoldsvik in Sweden at the annual two-day meeting of the regional leaders, hosted this year by Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven.

Ministers with portfolio responsibility for digitalization in the respective signatory countries will drive actions relating to the early adoption of 5G under the declaration and report back to the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Ericsson President and CEO, Borje Ekholm, was among the regional telecoms CEOs to sign an industry reaction statement, welcoming the Letter of Intent.

Ericsson has also teamed up with service provider, Telia, and Stockholm-based medical university, Karolinska Institute, to outline to the prime ministers how 5G will transform healthcare. A joint team explained how a 5G-enabled drone could be used to save a life by safely transporting a defibrillator directly to the location of a cardiac arrest victim.

Survival rates among cardiac arrest victims who receive treatment within three minutes are 70 percent. Informing that 5G drones could reach victims up to four times faster than an ambulance, the presentation explained how they could safely deliver the defibrillator to the exact location, regardless of how many other drones are in the air at the same time.


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