Suresh Prabhu promises early implementation of in-flight connectivity

Suresh Prabhu, Minister for Civil Aviation has assured early implementation of in-flight connectivity and complimented those involved in the decision making process.

The minister has not given any timeline for the implantation of in-flight connectivity within Indian airspace.

The minister has welcomed the Telecom Commission’s approval for offering in-flight connectivity within Indian airspace. He said that the decision would enable flyers to avail data and voice services during flights over Indian airspace and the government will now work towards creating the license framework for a special category of service providers called ‘In-flight connectivity provider’.

He said that these developments mean that airlines are now equipped to bring dramatic, yet cost effective, enhancements to the passenger experience –with passengers ordering products from their phones and tablets and arranging to have them delivered to their homes, or the hotel on arrival at their destination. He said that connectivity to the ground means cabin crews can help passengers to change their onward transit plans to accommodate for changes to their flight, while they are still in the air.

Re-iterating the government’s commitment in improving the services to air passengers, Suresh Prabhu stated that a new India is in the making under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi where everything is undergoing a positive transformation, from mindsets to methodologies.


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