Surat Smart City develops COVID tracker

Surat Municipal Corporation has developed the SMC COVID-19 Tracker System which includes a web portal and mobile application named “SMC COVID-19 Tracker” to track people.

Details of travelers and other individuals are collected through various sources like self declaration form on SMC website, calls received on helpline number, international traveler information received from government of India etc.

Self declaration form helps individuals submit their details including abroad or interstate travel history and if they have come in contact with any positive COVID-19 individual. Upon submission of details, individuals are sent a unique Tracker ID and are asked to download SMC COVID-19 Tracker Mobile App.

SMC has also started a helpline number 1-800-123-800 where citizens can share details about travelers or suspects. The details are verified by the SMC team including health officials. A field team visits the location and if the details provided on the helpline are verified, the individual is asked to stay in home quarantine and they are also assigned a unique Tracker ID and are asked to download SMC COVID-19 Tracker Mobile.

Individuals have to fill questionnaires twice a day through the SMC COVID-19 Tracker App regarding their health. If any individual mentions an issue in a questionnaire regarding their health, first follow up is done over the phone and if required, individuals are asked to visit nearby health facilities for necessary check-up and treatment.

After successful installation of the app, individuals have to send their location every hour to confirm that they are following home quarantine on a regular basis. The SMC team monitors the location history of individuals if any individual is found not following the home quarantine guidelines, strict actions are taken against such individuals.

Necessary MIS reports are prepared in the system and new reports are being developed as per requirements of the health department.
Necessary App Installation manuals for Android and iOS are also prepared along with YouTube videos to help citizens install the application easily.

As of now around 3,800 individual details are entered in the system and more than 2,800 persons are using mobile apps to send their locations every hour and are submitting their health checkup questionnaire twice a day.

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