Subex partners Robi to upgrade fraud management system

Subex, a pioneer in enabling Digital Trust, has extended its partnership with Robi to upgrade its existing integrated Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management (iRAFM) system.

Through this upgrade, Robi will now leverage the AI/ML capabilities of Subex’s Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management solutions to tackle new-age telecom threats in the region and deliver a superior customer experience as it looks to provide services built on 5G.

Robi is one of the largest telecom operators in Bangladesh with over 47 million subscribers and is the first company to launch a 4.5G service with a network covering 7,400 sites (99% of Thanas) in Bangladesh.

As part of their vision to continually enable a robust and secure digital ecosystem, Robi has expanded its strategic partnership with Subex to further strengthen its risk management capabilities to launch innovative 5G services in the region while ensuring the highest quality of service.

Subex’s integrated Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management system will help Robi eliminate the complex fraud and security threats brought on by the 5G ecosystem and will provide the necessary scalability to meet expansion requirements that might occur in the future. With advanced AI/ML capabilities, the system allows for real-time and accurate detection of threats that minimizes business risks associated with 5G networks.

“By upgrading to the latest version of iRAFM, Robi can now leverage the solution’s state-of-the-art capabilities built on AI/ML to ensure 5G-readiness. We are proud to be part of Robi’s journey, and we look forward to many more years as their Digital Trust partner,” said Shankar Roddam, Chief Operating Officer and Whole-Time Director, Subex.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Asif Naimur, CIO, Robi said, “Our experience of working with Subex and the technical strength of their iRAFM solutions made them the partner of choice. The team has shown extreme diligence throughout the engagement and consistently delivered value to our company with their domain expertise, enhanced processes, reporting methodologies, and improved coverage. The commitment and approach of Subex’s Managed Services team at various stages of our relationship have helped us derive a considerable RoI. We are confident that Subex’s services and solutions will continue to deliver value to our organization and customers.”

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