STL unveils 5G-from-India offering at IMC 2021

STL has unveiled a 5G portfolio at IMC 2021 which includes comprehensive optical, radio and deployment solutions.

One of the first indigenous companies with 100% homegrown 5G-ready solutions, the company combines the power of optical, wireless, virtualisation, and deployment methodology to build robust 5G infrastructure for India and the world.

STL’s 5G portfolio caters to the needs of leading network creators across the globe. The product includes: Densification of the wireless access networks with open source and programmable, radio equipment will be fundamental to 5G and, therefore, on the radio side STL has launched its Accellus solution that includes 5G multi-band radios co-developed in partnership with Facebook Connectivity, O-RAN compliant indoor small cells, outdoor WiFi6 radio solutions and RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC)

For faster deployment and intelligent fiber rollout process for 5G backhaul and fronthaul, STL’s LEAD 360 deployment methodology is paving way for 2X faster fiberization in 5G networks

Commenting on the unveiling of this 5G portfolio, Ankit Agarwal, MD, STL said, “We are proud to deliver a ‘5G-from-India’ solution. We are launching our comprehensive portfolio of products at the IMC 2021 and expect that the end-to-end nature of our solutions will fundamentally change the game for super-fast and high quality 5G deployments. We are a part of the world’s largest digital inclusion drive and are confident that with our digital networking solutions we will transform billions of lives not only in India, but across the globe.”

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