SquareBoat makes real time server monitoring easier

Gurugram-based SquareBoat has announced the official launch of its flagship product Spectrum, a real-time server health monitoring tool for stakeholders in the web services industry.

Spectrum fetches data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudWatch (which only allows system architects and administrators to monitor their applications on the cloud), and displays it in a real time basis on a single screen, even for multiple servers or websites.

In technical terms, server health refers to parameter such as CPU loading, disk utilization, memory utilization, etc. Apart from tracking and providing insightful updates on server health, Spectrum will also help website owners predict if their website’s traffic is increasing unexpectedly so as to avoid unexpected server/website breakdowns. One can also choose to monitor the metrics through his/her Android phone by downloading the Spectrum app on Google Play.

Commenting on the launch of Spectrum in India, Gaurav Gupta Founder and Managing Director SquareBoat said, “Monitoring server health is important to operate a website smoothly, and take remedial action, as and when required. Although at present existing tools like Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix etc. are being used for monitoring the server performance of a website; the complexity of those tools limits them to be used by tech-savvy persons only. On the contrary, what Spectrum does is that it uses a simple red-green light interface to indicate good or bad scenarios, making it simple enough to be used and understood by even non-technical entrepreneurs and marketing professionals.”

As companies dealing in web services typically handle a lot of clients’ servers, Spectrum can save them a lot of time, enabling them monitor all their clients’ servers on a single screen in a hassle-free manner, claim the makers. Another set of users of this service would be digital entrepreneurs who are somewhat non-tech savvy—Spectrum will empower them to constantly monitor if their website’s server is up and running in a healthy condition.

This can prove to be a very resourceful tool particularly when the tech team is located remotely and the management wants to have a real time check on the server performance/health added Gupta.


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