SoftBank and Mapbox announce JV

Mapbox and SoftBank has announced the establishment of a joint venture (JV), Mapbox Japan, that will provide Mapbox’s premier location data platform and global mapping services for developers in Japan.

The JV will be launching a special support to organizations offering COVID-19 mapping services.

Eric Gan, Head of Business Development of SoftBank said, “We are seeing a significant rise in demand for Mapbox’s products from retail, ride-share, hotel, office-sharing, payment, mobility and manufacturing industries. We are constantly discovering new use cases for our partners.”

Mapbox founder and CEO Eric Gundersen said, “The opportunity to build new local services in Japan will also help us create new global offerings. SoftBank is an ideal partner that provides reach and access to an enormous number of entities in Japan.”

Mapbox employs advanced AI on its mapping platform that provides user-friendly APIs and SDKs for highly customizable and data enhanced products and services. Location-based technologies are widely recognized by enterprises as increasingly important for improving overall customer experience and solving challenges in capturing online to offline business.

Mapbox customers can easily combine their own data, deploy custom features, and manage an end-to-end solution on-premise with solutions like Mapbox Atlas. Since Mapbox maps are AI-powered, customer solutions using Mapbox are continually refreshed with the latest data.

Any developer can start using Mapbox for free allowing for immediate sign up and build without friction.

Additionally, Mapbox offers a wide-range of support options for customers — from free community resources to paid support with guaranteed response times and dedicated assistance. For customers who require solution development, our Mapbox Partner Program works with the best systems integrators (SIers) in Japan.

Taking the spread of COVID-19 into consideration, Mapbox Japan will offer up to 3 months of special support at no charge for organizations that utilize Mapbox to provide COVID-19 monitoring and related services.

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