Smartron collaborates with University of Southern California

Smartron is collaborating with University of Southern California’s (USC) Center for Human Applied Reasoning & the Internet of Things (CHARIOT) to conduct research on personalized education using wearables and machine learning technologies.

The CHARIOT-Smartron initiative focuses on building the framework for creating an effective, classroom-based system for measuring the cognitive and affective influences on learning using smartphones and a range of sensors.

CHARIOT visualizes that shifting the focus of instruction to incorporate IoT will result in a paradigm shift in understanding the cognitive and emotional processes in the learning sciences and create products that are practical, accessible and scalable.

“We are extremely pleased to be the first Indian product brand to partner with USC’s CHARIOT to collaborate on creating this new and hugely immersive and personalized learning program based on IoT,” said Smartron founder Mahesh Lingareddy.

“Hardware and software innovation spurred by IoT and AI is the next big wave in technology and with tronX, we are ready to ride this wave and create highly intelligent and customized experiences in the field of education,” added Lingareddy.

“Incorporating wearable devices and artificial intelligence into the daily curriculum and teaching methodologies could help teachers to effectively map students’ learning curve and administer tailored interventions at the right time”, added CHARIOT Co-Director, Kenneth Yates.

“Over the course of the next 2 years, we anticipate the collaboration of CHARIOT and Smartron will result in cutting edge, innovative solutions for education,” added Yates.


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