SmarTone launches 5G services

SmarTone launches 5G service in Hong Kong, offering blazing fast 5G connectivity with the widest network coverage both indoors and outdoors.

SmarTone launches 5G service with the city’s widest network coverage to spearhead smart city development in Hong Kong. The company is also introducing a range of innovative 5G services and applications for different customer segments and enterprises.

Riding on its powerful LTE network and Ericsson’s industry-leading Dynamic Spectrum Technology (DSS), SmarTone’s 5G network features a speedy rollout with the widest coverage across Hong Kong and a seamless transition between 4G and 5G. This can ensure a stable and smooth user experience and longer smartphone battery performance.

SmarTone adopts an integrated approach of combining high, mid and low spectrum bands to build a robust and industry-leading 5G network in Hong Kong. 3.5 GHz spectrum will be progressively deployed across the territory. At popular places and busy locations, 3.5 GHz can also provide ample capacity and support to the 5G applications that require high bandwidth.

In the initial stage, SmarTone’s 5G network covers the most outdoor locations, popular indoor locations and major roads and highways for commuting customers.

SmarTone CEO Ms Anna Yip said, “SmarTone is thrilled to mark a new milestone for the Hong Kong telecom industry and brings the best 5G network experience to consumers in Hong Kong. 5G will benefit both consumers and enterprises and will be one of the key enablers for Hong Kong’s smart city development.”

For HK$398/month, customers can enjoy a total of 80 GB 5G local data, 2GB Greater Bay Area (GBA) roaming data with a China Mobile number, and get additional SIM cards if needed. For high usage customers, they can also upgrade to unlimited 5G data at HK$80 at a speed of 5 Mbps on a monthly basis.

With “Smart Data Bank” service, customers can carry forward unused mobile data to maximise use. Customers can carry forward up to 500 GB local data and 10 GB GBA data respectively. From today onwards, customers who subscribe to the 5G plan before 31 August 2020 can enjoy an extra 20 GB 5G local data per month covering their contract.

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