SKT partners Nokia and Ericsson for 6G

SK Telecom (SKT) has partnered telecom equipment vendors Nokia and Ericsson for advancements in the field of 6G development to develop a new business model for the implementation of next-gem network.

Presently, though 5G is deployed worldwide SK Telecom wants to stay ahead of the curve and lay the foundations for 6G implementation.

SKT CEO Park Jeong-Ho met Tommi Uitto from Nokia Mobile Network and Per Narvinger from Ericsson to sign joint technology development MoUs for 6G. Both deals are part of the larger collaboration between the governments of South Korea and the two Nordic countries.

The main goal of these deals is to lay the foundations of the next generation of network research and development as well as improve on the existing 5G infrastructure capabilities of the Korean carrier. Collaboration between companies like this will be important as the technology and standard for 6G networks is yet to be clearly defined. In addition, SKT will work closely with Nokia and Ericsson to improve latency on its existing networks as well as bring standalone commercial 5G networks with 28 GHz band support.


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