SK Telecom makes first commercial 5G video call

South Korea has become the first operator to make a commercial 5G video call using a prototype Samsung smartphone.

The network is currently only be accessed by corporate clients. Individual users can start using 5G from March. 5G boasts 20 times faster data transmission speed than the currently prevalent 4G LTE. Data transmission speed of 5G is 20 times more than 20 gigabytes per second (Gbps), meaning a 2.5-gigabyte ultra-high-definition video can be downloaded in just one second. 

The call was made between SK Telecom CEO Park Jung-ho in the company’s Bundang network management control center in Gyeonggi-do and a staff manager in Myeongdong, Seoul. 

The video call showed increased clarity in phone quality compared to a video call made over 4G LTE, the predecessor of 5G.

SK Telecom’s 5G network currently covers main areas of 13 cities and counties nationwide, including Seoul, four cities in Gyeonggi-do (Seongnam, An-san, Hwaseong, Siheung), six metropolitan cities, Seogwipo in Jeju Island, and Ullengdo and Dokdo Islands in Ulleng county.

The company’s first 5G customer is Myunghwa, a product quality assessment firm in Banwol Industrial complex in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do. Munghwa uses the 5G network to process ultra-high definition photos of auto components taken from different perspectives as the products are being moved on a conveyer belt. The images are transmitted using the 5G mobile router to a cloud server, where a high-performance AI interface can instantly identify whether a product is faulty.

The company will focus on expanding the 5G-AI convergence ecosystem and generate social values by making efforts to provide the most stable and secure 5G network, leading the advancement of mobile communications.



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