Siemens launches Siemens Opcenter for manufacturing

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces the immediate availability of Siemens Opcenter software, a cohesive portfolio of software solutions for the complete digitalization of manufacturing operations.

Siemens Opcenter expands on the heritage of Siemens’ recognized manufacturing operations management (MOM) software by uniting these products in a single, connected cloud-ready portfolio with a harmonized user experience that can help manufacturers meet demands for production efficiency, quality, visibility and reduced time to production.

Greg Gorbach, vice president, ARC Advisory Group said, “Siemens Opcenter provides the needed functionality and interoperability in a unified offering.”

Siemens Opcenter integrates MOM capabilities including advanced planning and scheduling, manufacturing execution, quality management, manufacturing intelligence and performance, and formulation, specification and laboratory management.

The new portfolio combines products including Camstar software, SIMATIC IT suite, Preactor, R&D Suite and QMS Professional into a single portfolio that unifies these widely recognized products and leverages synergies between them. A fully web-based, modern, consistent, adaptive and comfortable user interface implemented throughout the Siemens Opcenter portfolio offers a situationally adapted user experience and facilitates the implementation of new capabilities and additional components while reducing training efforts.

Siemens Opcenter adopts an extensibility paradigm which makes it easy to deploy, configure, extend and integrate with other systems across the value chain, including product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and shop floor automation solutions. It provides end-to-end visibility into production, helping enable decision makers to readily identify areas for improvement within product design and associated manufacturing processes, and to make operational adjustments for smoother and more efficient production.

Fully enabled for mobility, customers can achieve high levels of operational flexibility and run the same applications on a variety of smart devices. The entire portfolio is cloud-ready and can be deployed on-premise, on the cloud or in combination, providing for potential IT cost reductions and flexible scalability.

Rene Wolf, Senior Vice President Manufacturing Operations Management Software, Siemens Digital Industries Software said, “Bringing these components together as Siemens Opcenter and harmonizing the end user experience with other parts of our Digital Innovation Platform will make it much easier for manufacturers to manage their digital transformation process.”

In addition to launching Siemens Opcenter, Siemens also announced a new version of its Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) portfolio: Siemens Opcenter Execution, formerly SIMATIC IT and Camstar. New features in these releases focus on smart devices, mobility, and integration capabilities to optimize data flows and availability.


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