Shenzhen to become world’s digital showcase city

Shenzhen city planners are working with carriers and partners on industry applications to build all-scenario intelligent solutions for making it the world’s digital showcase city says Huawei Rotating Chairman Guo Ping.

Guo Ping said, “As the first phase of global 5G deployment begins to wrap up, we need to strengthen our focus on industry applications. This will help us unleash the full potential of 5G and achieve business success with 5G.”

The 3GPP Release 16 (R16) specification was frozen officially in early 2020, further promoting the development of 5G-powered industry applications. 5G’s commercial success will rely on the synergy between five major tech domains: Connectivity, cloud, computing, industry applications and pervasive AI. Together, these technologies are crucial for unleashing the full potential of 5G, helping build smart cities, and further stimulating the digital economy.

Huawei announced it would fully leverage its strengths in connectivity and computing and work with carriers and other partners on scenario-based solutions. It plans to integrate these five major tech domains to help turn Shenzhen into the world’s digital showcase city.

An operation and management network that “can see and think, and is easy-to-use” is foundational for smart city operations. This requires systems that support more scenario-based services and more intelligent decision-making and command.

First, a 5G-based intelligent network that supports real-time sensing and feedback of data generated at the city’s most basic ground-level units.

Second, the integration of vertical data systems from different industries and government agencies, to create a single network for extensive data interconnection and unified municipal management.

Third, AI-enabled data and applications that will turn municipal knowledge into capabilities, give government agencies more access to AI-enabled business processes, and ultimately enhance intelligent experiences and build a truly 5G-powered smart city.

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