Saankhya receives FCC certification for BRH

Saankhya Labs, India’s 5G communication solutions disruptor, today announced Federal Communication Commission, (FCC), USA certification for its Broadcast Radio Head (BRH).

The BRH complies with FCC Title 47CFR part 27 and part 15 and Saankhya Labs is the first Indian company with FCC certified outdoor wireless communication equipment.

BRH works on the concept of very low power and low tower transmission (a.k.a. Low Power Low Tower – LPLT), similar to the power levels of a cellular radio transmitter. By adopting the coverage pattern of cellular networks, BRH’s can provide uniform coverage even indoors and in devices that do not have high gain external antennas.

With a large number of people watching video on their mobile devices, the BRH will enable broadcasters to effectively target these consumers. Broadcasters can also monetize the broadcast by showing hyper-local advertisements and provide newer data services over their broadcast network.

The BRH can also be deployed as a part of 5G Broadcast solutions developed by Saankhya Labs. This solution is based on the convergence of Broadcast and mobile Broadband network, in which a mobile network operator can intelligently use the BRH network (that is co-located with mobile radios), to offload some of the high bandwidth consuming data traffic, such as video.

“We are thrilled to bring often disparate mobile and broadcast ecosystems together. Our BRH offering significantly benefits both ecosystems with a cost-effective solution for high-bandwidth data as well as expanded market access opportunities” said Parag Naik, CEO, Saankhya Labs.

The BRH supports Next-Gen Broadcast Standards like ATSC 1.0, ATSC 3.0, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-T2-lite and FeMBMS. It has configurable bandwidths supporting 5, 6 and 8 MHz band schemes, achieving data rates that can exceed 50 Mbps.

Mark Aitken, SVP, Sinclair Broadcast Group said, “These combined technologies developed collaboratively bring robust and reliable broadcast capability direct to automotive, IoT, mobile and portable devices with extended reach and service areas. The deployment of a ‘celluarized’ broadcast infrastructure brings true broadcast into the 5G marketplace, providing new monetization opportunities.”

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