Reliance Jio: Transforming from connectivity to a technology platform company

Having made its impact in the consumer connectivity space, Reliance Jio is now actively looking to create technology platform to expand its business

Reliance Industries is planning to double its revenue by 2025 and so is Reliance Jio. For doubling its revenue, the company is transitioning from connectivity player to become a technology platform company in 3-4 years time frame. This would not be easy since it is a mix of smart acquisitions, smart partnerships, smart innovations to cover pan-India through cost effective solutions.

For technology platform, Reliance Jio is presently focusing on three verticals – agriculture, education and healthcare.

The initial focus for these verticals would be connectivity and later on riding on the connectivity platform, the company will deploy innovative solutions in different sub-domains in these three verticals.

On agriculture front, the focus is on adoption of technologies for water conservation, soil management, precision farming and waste reduction. All these technologies for water, soil, farming and waste will definitely help in increase in agricultural productivity thereby opening up the market for Reliance Jio which is huge.

“I am sure that if we combine digital technologies with the innate knowledge and wisdom of Indian farmers, Jio can usher in a smart new green revolution in India,” says Mukesh Ambani, CMD, Reliance Industries.

On education sector, the purpose of this platform is to overcome the challenge of poor and inadequate educational infrastructure by digitally delivering high quality education and skills training to schools, colleges and universities across the country but before this, the focus is on broadband connectivity.

In less than two years, Reliance Jio’s focus is on providing broadband connectivity to all the 58,000 colleges and connect 1.9 million schools across the country.

The opportunity for Reliance Jio is huge in the education sector as educational institutes collectively provides education to nearly 200 million children but resources both in schools and colleges are limited in India and online is the only medium which can cater to the existing demand in a cost effective manner.

On healthcare vertical, the purpose is to ensure affordable and quality healthcare to all which is a national necessity and national responsibility using technology says Mukesh Ambani.

“India can considerably overcome the deficit of physical infrastructure of hospitals and doctors by universalising telemedicine, teleradiology, e-diagnostics, genomic and other cost effective cloud based solutions,” added Ambani.

All these sectors will need lot of innovations in terms of solutions never heard before and Reliance Jio needs to build up technology platform eco-system for all these verticals on top of the connectivity platform to ride on it in the future.

It would be interesting to see how telecom service providers like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular and BSNL move on this front along with Reliance Jio. It would be also interesting to see how Reliance Jio competes with new sets of competitors as and when they come up in agriculture, education and healthcare.


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