Reliance Jio to push open source

Reliance Jio is pushing open source in India by hosting the first ever India Digital Open Summit (IDOS) in India which kicks off on January 19th.

The summit is hosted by Reliance Jio in partnership with the Linux Foundation and supported by Cisco Systems.

Mathew Oommen, President, Reliance Jio said, “For the first time in India, we are bringing together eminent thought leaders and innovators from across the globe for the purpose of evolving India’s digital ecosystem as creators and developers of open source platforms and systems and not just consumers. This enables us to deliver on both business and technology leadership by establishing the key levers for sustainable IPR creation.”

The summit will feature distinguished speakers and interactive discussions, providing thought leadership for an open source framework for policy, technology and security to accelerate the expansion of the Digital India ecosystem.

Youngky Kim, President, Samsung said, “As an early adopter of open source and initiator of leading open source projects, we are really excited to see that so many global leaders are converging to accelerate open source systems, and we look forward to collaborating with and building upon the open source expertise in India.”

The speakers will deliberate the blueprint for India’s leadership in the Open Source ecosystem. This discussion will include the Open Source Telecom Stack, the collaborative roles of government, industry, academia and Startups, the role of open source in India’s network and information security, customer experience transformation using machine intelligence, and hardware and software disintegration and its impacts on service providers and OEMs.

Over 400 invited delegates are expected to participate in the event and discuss the impact of open source technology and systems.

Adrian Ionel, President and Founder, Mirantis said, “We have been associated with some of the largest open source initiatives in the world, and an event of this scale and stature takes India to a new league. We look forward to working with Reliance Jio, the Linux Foundation, the government, and others in ensuring India’s leadership.”

The Linux Foundation is the world’s premier organization for building sustainable open source ecosystems and Reliance Jio has joined Linux Foundation’s Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) as a Platinum member. Jio’s Platinum membership in ONAP provides a platform for accelerating its efforts to further its work in open source to support the Linux Foundation.


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