Reliance Jio deploys Public WiFi at 9,000 locations

Reliance Jio, the No. 1 4G operator in the country is not far behind in terms of Public WiFi deployment vis-a-vis other telcos. The company has deployed Public WiFi at around 9,000 locations pan-India.

The company has deployed Public WiFi through different use cases such as Community WiFi, Event WiFi, College WiFi and Stadium WiFi in different geographical locations within India. The Jio Public WiFi connects around 1.5 million user per day and they in turn use 160 TB of data per day through 9,000 WiFi locations.

Reliance Jio has connected 1,000+ locations on Community WiFi which includes both indoor and outdoor locations. On Event WiFi, the company organises around 4-5 events per month whereby average user is between 500 – 1,500 per event.

Jio has done pretty well on College WiFi by connecting around 7,000 colleges thereby catering to 8 million students. On Stadium WiFi, the company has deployed WiFi in 8 stadiums and on an average it provides connectivity to 10-15,000 users during match days. Stadiums connected include: Dharamshala, Feroz Shah Kotla, Eden Gardens, Rajkot, Wankhede, Rajiv Gandhi and Chennaswamy Stadium.

Reliance Jio Public WiFi Deployment:

  • Community WiFi: Connected 1,000+ locations (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Event WiFi: 4-5 events per month, 500 – 1,500 average user per event
  • College WiFi: Connected 7,000 colleges catering to 8 mn students
  • Stadium WiFi: Connected 8 stadiums; Provides connectivity to 10-15,000 users during match

Source: DigiAnalysys

Reliance Jio has very ambitious plans to deploy Public WiFi through different use cases such as Community WiFi, Event WiFi, College WiFi and Stadium WiFi in different locations within India. Public WiFi will be deployed in 57,000 colleges, Community WiFi in 70,000+ locations and Stadium WiFi in 50+ stadium pan-India. Not only this, the company has also ambitious plans to provide WiFi in enterprise as well as residential complexes.

The company believes that WiFi is complimentary to 4G and more WiFi hotspots will be beneficial to their customers in terms of high data speeds and mobile data offload.



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