Railways focusing on Rail Display Network for increasing non-fare revenues

Indian Railways non-fare revenues have increased by 75% but the potential is immense if advertising potential is unlocked through Rail Display Network

For increasing non-fare revenue, Indian Railways is focusing on Rail Display Network (RDN), content on demand, out of home advertising, mobile assets, Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and others.

The Indian Railways is planning to install a high-tech centralized network of screens across major stations, known as Rail Display Network which will enable real time flow of information to passengers and also unlock advertising potential. Indian Railways propose to install display screens at foot-over bridges, platforms, waiting rooms etc. at railway stations under Railway Display Network (RDN) project.

RailTel has completed the feasibility study and has been appointed as the nodal agency to implement and manage Indian Railway’s RDN System. Initially, the Proof of Concept has been completed at 16 stations say Delhi, Gorakhpur, Gwalior, Jaipur and Varanasi and around 500 display screens have been installed for the pilot project. After implementation of the Proof of Concept, final decision to roll out the network will be taken.

The Railway Display Network system will install display screens to cover all A1, A, B, C, and D category stations of Indian Railways.

Railway Display Network system is proposed to be built and operated on a self-sustainable model with no capital investment by Indian Railways. The roll-out of the Railway Display Network system at various designated stations is expected to be done in a phased manner, starting with deployment at A1 category stations followed by A, C and other category stations. The complete project is expected to be completed in 4 years.

Railway Display Network is envisaged to become a unique medium of communication with passengers which will not only provide necessary train information and social messages to the passengers but will also become a medium of enriched infotainment. Railway Display Network will generate revenue by displaying contextualized advertisements for pre-agreed duration and frequency. Railway Display Network is planned to be built and operated on a self-sustainable model with no capital investment by Indian Railways.

Salient Features of Railway Display Network:

  1. Information related to train arrival, departure, train running status, platform and other passenger related information round the clock
  2. Information related to passenger amenities, comfort, convenience and safety
  3. Emergency messages on SOS basis and messages related to disaster management
  4. Infotainment and social messages for engaging passengers
  5. Self-sustainable model by generating revenue through advertisement or any other related revenue generation opportunities

The non-fare revenue for Indian Railways reached Rs. 10,368 Crore (6.3% of gross traffic receipts) in FY2016-17 vis-a-vis Rs. 5,929 Crore (3.6% of gross traffic receipts) in FY2015-16 showing a growth of 75%. Indian Railways is planning to increase its non-fare revenue and is therefore looking at Rail Display Network for increasing its revenue.




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