Qualcomm to provide 5G commercial devices in 2019

Qualcomm Technologies is working together with Lenovo Group, Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications, vivo Communication Technology, Xiaomi Communications, ZTE and Wingtech Technology to introduce 5G New Radio (NR) standard-compliant commercial devices expected as early as 2019.

Through the “5G Pioneer” Initiative, in addition to deep expertise and leadership in semiconductor solutions, Qualcomm Technologies anticipates being able to provide Chinese manufacturers with the platform they need to develop premium tier and global 5G commercial devices.

Qualcomm Technologies, together with leading Chinese manufacturers, is not only exploring new mobile applications and experiences enabled by 5G, but also focusing on other transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to continue to drive technological evolution and industry transformation worldwide.

“5G will bring massive new opportunities to the mobile industry, and we are excited to work with these manufacturers on this 5G Pioneer Initiative,” said Cristiano Amon, president, Qualcomm.

“Qualcomm Technologies has close relationships within China’s mobile and semiconductor ecosystem, and we’ll continue to work with this ecosystem to drive innovation as we move from the 3G/4G era to the 5G era,” added Amon.

“Lenovo started 5G technology research as well as productization since the global communications industry began the 5G standard-setting process, and we have been working closely with Qualcomm Technologies in both aspects,” said Yuanqing Yang, chairman and chief executive officer, Lenovo.

Andy Wu, vice president, OPPO said, “Working on 5G Pioneer Initiative will help us to better innovate 5G mobile technologies, further expanding OPPO business worldwide on the existing basis and allowing more young people to have access to purchase OPPO smartphones.”

“In the coming 5G era, we are pleased to maintain a close relationship with Qualcomm Technologies and continue to introduce high-quality smartphones, while expanding our overseas business network,” said Wei Shen, chief executive officer, vivo.

“vivo has embarked on studying 5G and potential new technologies of the next generation of smartphones since two years ago, and planned to conduct 5G pre-commercial device research and experiments in pace with 5G development, in an attempt to commercialize 5G smartphones as early as 2019,” added Shen.

Bin Lin, co-founder and president, Xiaomi said, “For more broader opportunities that 5G will bring to Xiaomi, we will keep exploring and innovating on future technologies, insist on building high-quality smartphones for users worldwide, and deliver Xiaomi’s products to users in a broader range of regions.”

“We are excited and are honored to be a part of the 5G Pioneer Initiative,” said Lixin Cheng, chief executive officer, ZTE Mobile Devices.

Xuezheng Zhang, chairman, Wingtech said, “We are pleased to participate in the introduction of the 5G Pioneer Initiative to deepen our ongoing cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies, and help Chinese handset manufacturers to build more high-end smartphones and deliver 5G mobile devices to the global market as early as possible in the future. Wingtech will also build 5G Always Connected PCs in addition to 5G Premium Tier Smartphones, as 5G will make Always Connected PC the global standard.”

Recently, Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications, vivo Communication Technology and Xiaomi Communications express interest in the purchase of Qualcomm Technologies’ RF Front End (RFFE) components with a value of no less than $2 billion, in the aggregate, over three years. Any obligation to purchase and supply these components is subject to the execution of subsequent definitive agreements.

Qualcomm Technologies’ RFFE components constitute a rich portfolio of comprehensive, system-level modem-to-antenna RF front-end platform solutions, which are designed to enable OEMs to rapidly build mobile devices at scale for easy global expansion. The scope of Qualcomm Technologies’ broad RF front-end platform include GaAs Power Amplifiers (PA), Envelope Trackers, Multi-Mode PA and modules, RF switches, discrete filters and filter-rich modules, and antenna tuners across cellular and connectivity technologies.




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