Qualcomm to lead 5G semicon space

Qualcomm is the world’s leading semiconductor company best placed to succeed in the 5G telecoms area in the next two to five years, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

According to GlobalData, 5G is one of the top ten themes that will impact the semiconductor sector, alongside data centres, High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles, Industrial Internet, ambient commerce, gaming, M&A and geopolitics.

GlobalData’s latest ‘Semiconductor Scorecard’ analyses the major technology, macro-economic, and regulatory themes impacting semiconductor companies and reveals that only Qualcomm makes the select leading companies in the 5G theme.

Cyrus Mewawalla, GlobalData Head of Thematic Research said, “Companies who invest in the right themes become success stories with those who miss the big themes, ending up either falling behind their competitors or failing altogether.”

Intel’s recent departure from the 5G smartphone business has left Qualcomm in a strong 5G market position.

Qualcomm recently settled a legal dispute with Apple which will now buy modem chips from it and is expected to release a 5G smartphone in 2020. Qualcomm has also played a significant role in the 5G standards-setting process.

GlobalData estimates that while the first 5G subscriptions will appear in 2019, there will be fewer than 5 million worldwide. However, by 2023 the total will have increased to nearly 850 million, at a phenomenal compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 271%. The share of mobile subscriptions that are 5G is expected to jump from 0.05% in 2019 to more than 8% by 2023.


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