QAD prepares for 5G connected factories

US-based manufacturing software company QAD recently released QAD Adaptive ERP to prepare for a future with 5G-connected factories.

QAD is a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise software and services for global manufacturing companies across the automotive, life sciences, consumer products, food and beverage, high technology and industrial manufacturing industries.

QAD Adaptive ERP is built on the QAD Enterprise Platform which enables companies to prepare for and better address industry change by updating and extending the software to meet current business needs. Manufacturing companies, suppliers and customers have become increasingly interconnected and data-driven over a common network, a trend that is expected to be accelerated with the adoption of 5G technology. QAD Adaptive ERP allows users to react quickly to new trends and leverage them for competitive advantage.

Tony Winter, Chief Technology Officer, QAD said, “5G should allow companies to access larger amounts of data more quickly from smart products. The technology is still evolving, but eventually, it will be stable and reliable enough for industrial uses. QAD’s adaptive solutions are prepared for smart manufacturing featuring machines connected through a network of IoT-capable devices.”

Commenting on the same, Debajit Roy, India Country Head said, “The Indian manufacturing industry is set to undergo an important transformation with the arrival of 5G. Therefore, we have a focused business approach to help Indian customers leverage technology disruption.”


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