Polaris Networks partners PAWR

Polaris Networks, a leading provider of wireless 4G and 5G Packet Core Solutions and Test Tools has partnered PAWR – Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research – to offer software solutions to organizations interested in conducting research and trials for wireless technologies.

The PAWR Program – co-led by US Ignite and North-eastern University, is supported by several Industry Consortium Partners – who contribute equipment, software money, and expertise towards this program. Polaris Networks is amongst the latest to join the list of organizations that are Partners with PAWR.

“Testing 4G and 5G software stacks at scale with new radio hardware, antenna arrays, and on a variety of spectrum bands is critical for advancing 5G networks and beyond in the U.S.,” said Joe Kochan, PAWR Program Director and COO, US Ignite.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Polaris to the PAWR program and look forward to the exciting research and development work their software solutions will enable,” added Kochan.



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