Orange to launch home telesurveillance service

Orange will launch its own home telesurveillance services in the Spring of 2019 for both fixed and mobile customers in France.  
Orange aims to take a strong position in the market, building on its subscriber base, its brand, its physical and digital retail networks and the expertise of Proctectline. Orange and Groupama have signed a deal to establish a joint company, Protectline, that will operate in the home telesurveillance sector. 
This partnership will strengthen Groupama’s existing activity in the sector and will allow Orange to become a fully-fledged player on this market, taking a new step forward in its multi-service operator strategy.
The deal between the two groups, establishes Protectline as a joint platform for the operation and management on home telesurveillance services. Orange holds 51% of the company’s capital and Groupama holds the remaining 49%.
Protectline is a simplified joint-stock company that is chaired by Christian Bombrun (Chairman of the Board of Directors) and jointly managed by Benjamin Pourquie (Executive Chairman) and Jean-Daniel Guedj (CEO).
By working together through a joint platform, Orange and Groupama will each retain full control of the distribution of their respective offers over their own retail networks and using their own brands.
Stephane Richard, Chairman & CEO, Orange said, “The upcoming launch of our home telesurveillance service is an important part of Orange’s multi-service operator strategy. To deliver the best product possible, we have again chosen to work with Groupama to pool our skills and resources, following on from our Orange Bank partnership.”
As Thierry Martel, CEO, Groupama says, “This new partnership with Orange falls squarely in line with Groupama’s strategy of offering comprehensive and innovative local services to its members and customers. Orange and Groupama will jointly develop the best home telesurveillance solutions focused on a new customer experience.”

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