Orange extends 5G tests to Greater Paris region

Paris, Chatillon and Linas-Montlhery are the next zones confirmed for 5G tests by Orange.

The announcement comes following the ARCEP agreement on the allocation of frequencies in the 3400 – 3800 MHz band for 5G tests and is an opportunity for the Orange teams to work on tests that closely reflect customer’s expectations and changes in connectivity requirements.

In Paris, by 2019, Orange will introduce a platform designed for demonstrations in the Opera district where its Orange Opera megastore is located. A demonstration area, as close as possible to reality will demonstrate 5G usages on the move.

Starting this autumn, Orange will offer its partners the chance to test innovative products and services in a 5G laboratory at its Orange Gardens site in Chatillon. This laboratory will offer a very low-latency connection with speeds faster than those available via 4G. These tests will focus in particular on 5G services for the general public, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, communications in an immersive environment and 4K/8K video. 5G services for companies will continue to be addressed in co-innovation projects at the dedicated Paris-Saclay platform.

The allocation of frequencies to Orange to conduct 5G tests in Linas-Montlhery will help reach a new milestone by combining the latest telecoms innovations for vehicles, with a site adapted to testing the most advanced vehicles, including autonomous and connected vehicles.

Working in collaboration with telecoms and automobile industry players and the related authorities, it will also be possible to assess these technologies and further develop the latest models to foster the emergence of a new ecosystem based on intelligent transport systems (ITS).

Following on from Lille, Douai and Marseille, these new testing grounds will enable Orange to continue to innovate to improve the quality of its networks and the development of the services of the future.


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