Orange Business Services focuses on SDN, SD-WAN and cyber security

In India, next generation technologies like SDN, SD-WAN and cyber security is gaining prominence and Orange is planning to deploy these technologies in corporate and government vertical

In India, Orange Business Services is focusing around next generation (NGN) technologies like SDN, SD-WAN and cyber security in a big way.

With respect to SD-WAN deployment, Saurabh Sanghoee, Vice President – Sales, Orange Business Services India Network said, “Presently, banks are doing SD-WAN pilots. Almost all large enterprises are doing SD-WAN in some form or the other. Some corporates are evaluating, some of them are doing pilot projects and some corporates are committed for large scale deployment.”

Globally Siemens is deploying SD-WAN in big way. The company is deploying SD-WAN in 1,500 sites across 94 countries, including India.

Speaking about the advantages of SD-WAN, Saurabh Sanghoee said, “First, SD-WAN provides more capacities and second its zero touch approach is very helpful as it helps in provisioning of services which is more like software services on demand.”

Presently, large enterprise users are using services of around 7-10 cloud service providers. The challenge is how to orchestrate and manage 7-10 cloud service providers without disrupting end user experience and help data travel securely and also complying with the norms laid down by the government/regulator. To provide a complete solution to large enterprise users, Orange Business Services focuses on security, NGN and analytics.

Government Projects bagged by Orange Business Services: 

Gujarat: SWAN, SDC and Safe & Secure Gujarat

Jharkhand: SDC

Himachal Pradesh: SWAN and SDC

Goa: SDC

Bihar: SWAN

Karnataka: K-Kisan

Madhya Pradesh: MP DISCOM

Central Coalfield: Vehicle Tracking

*SDC stands for State Data Centre

*SWAN stands for State Wide Area Network

Source: Company Sources, DigiAnalysys

In the government vertical, Orange Business Services has also bagged Safe and Secure Gujarat (SASGUJ) project. Here, the company is doing IP surveillance for 40 cities across Gujarat and installing more than 6,300 cameras. The company is also doing end to end maintenance for 5 years.

“The project is planned to be completed before end of 2019. In the first phase, the focus is on completing 7 cities plus command centre and in the second phase, the focus is to complete 33 cities plus command centre and central command centre to be located in Gandhinagar. After the completion of the project, the company will also maintain the network for the next five years,” said Saurabh Sanghoee.

The command centre and central command centre helps Gujarat Police focus on traffic violation, wrong parking, red light violation, crowd detection, wrong driving and others with a comprehensive solution in all 40 cities added Sanghoee.

In the government vertical, Orange Business Services is focusing a lot on safe city, smart parking, ticketing aspect of public bus services and smart agriculture. For smart agriculture, the focus is on smart farming and precision farming as the company has strong references in other countries.

In agriculture, the company is planning to work with the state governments by starting a pilot and then replicating it by deploying mobile and LoRa technologies says Saurabh.

The company is focusing on the second phase of expansion of State Data Centre (SDC) which is expansion in terms of cloud enablement. On SDC, Orange Business Services will focus on creation, upgradation, migration and maintenance of these projects in  states like Jharkhand, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Even power distribution companies are doing their own datacenter for expanding their network and Orange would like to patner them for cloud enablement.

In the government vertical, the company is looking at states like Haryana, Assam and West Bengal more aggressively added Saurabh.

In 2020, security will play a big role and for this Orange has deployed Cyber SOCs (Security Operation Centres) in 5 locations – France (2 locations), India, Poland and UK. India is an important market from security perspective, as security and IoT (Internet of Things) is an emerging area. Once 5G is deployed in India, networks and associated IoT and collaboration will provide new kind of growth for security in the country.


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