OnKol’s remote patient monitoring uses Gemalto IoT module

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security has announced the use of its IoT module in OnKol’s mHealth solution.

Enabled by Gemalto’s wireless module, the smart hub connects the elderly and those with special needs to their family and caregivers, allowing them to live in their own home safely, independently and comfortably.

With the population of older individuals due to double in size by 2031 and the ratio of potential caregivers to decrease by over fifty percent, the new technology must rise to meet the need for quality care. However, adoption rates amongst elderly patients have been low as current mHealth options are often too complicated.

Straight out of the box, OnKol’s solution can notify family members, caregivers, and even medical professionals of everything from vital signs to medication reminders to emergency response situations.

Equipped with Gemalto’s M2M module, the above remote patient monitoring services are securely managed over-the-air to simplify deployment, personalization and software updates.

The patient can easily connect health and home monitoring devices, like blood pressure cuffs, heart-monitors, and smoke detectors, and Gemalto’s module encrypts and sends the gathered information to the OnKol platform where it is delivered to caregivers and can even be logged into the patients’ electronic medical records. ​

“Gemalto’s reputation, wide variety of high quality, industrial-grade modules and breadth of mHealth experience convinced us that their technology was the best fit for our product. It allowed us to deliver a hub that is effortless to set up, use, and scale to support OnKol business growth in the future,” Erich Jacobs, CEO, OnKol.

“By enabling simple and reliable communication, Gemalto and OnKol are helping older individuals to maintain their independence and create peace of mind for their caregiver,” Rodrigo Serna, SVP Mobile and IoT Services, Americas, Gemalto.


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