Offering Free Wi-Fi just for customer delight or there’s more to it!

Leverage existing Wi-Fi infrastructure by rolling out additional services through Wi-Fi monetization framework and hence generate revenue opportunities and reduce churn

I have been visiting some interesting places in Delhi apart from Cafes & Restaurants where one can find Free Wi-Fi and hop onto it for browsing, downloading or posting social media updates. Doubtless, it enhances customer experience but the deeper question for a retailer would be ‘Is Free Wi-Fi just for customer delight or there’s more to it’

I will explain this with an incident my pal experienced lately. So, this friend of mine is an online shopaholic by all means and breathes ‘Under 999’, ‘Wednesday Flat 50% Off’, ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ terminologies. One day he happened to be around a Fashion & Apparel store in one of the Delhi Malls. It was the season of Fresh Arrivals! Just to quench his curiosity, he went inside to have a look and found a pretty pair of jeans. The MRP was INR 3999. His brain instigated him to surf online and buy it at a better price. Meanwhile, a ‘Free Wi-Fi’ dangler in the store caught his attention and he logged in immediately. As he went on to the Wi-Fi, he received an SMS. The message says,

He couldn’t be happier. He in no time went to the store and grabbed his favourite pair of jeans at the best price.

Now, you might think how is this incident relevant to this topic? I’ll elucidate:

For Him: Wi-Fi gave him the best of both worlds – enabling him to surf the high-speed Internet and at the same time getting relevant and lucrative deal to grab when he was wondering if he should buy.

For the Retailer: The retailer got benefitted more than him. By offering Free Wi-Fi, he was able to serve not just an amazing customer experience also turned a Window Shopper into an Actual Shopper. The benefits do not end here. Just like Online Marketing, he can now via Proximity Marketing reach out to him and do remarketing of various offers & products whenever he is in the store vicinity.  Adding to this, the outlet would witness more footfall since he would have referred to his friends too, like me. For offline businesses looking to reclaim market share in this trending online shopping season, Wi-Fi offers a cost-effective and efficient differentiator.

Where in-store conversion has been a struggle for Offline Retail stores since ever, offering seamless & automatic Wi-Fi can drive customers in and entice them to spend more, which results in a great customer experience, increases customer loyalty and more business. A real Win-Win!

There’s a greater incentive that lies in the Wi-Fi’s ability to offer Real-time Actionable insights about the shop, the market, and the customers. The What, Where, When and How of it I will discuss it in my next blog. Till then, keep exploring more places offering Free Wi-Fi and make the best of it.

Author: Vertika Singhal – DigiMa & Communications Manager, i2e1 (Information To Every One)

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are solely of the author and DigiAnalysys does not necessarily subscribe to it. 

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