O2 offers 5G testbed trials to FTSE 100 companies

Telefonica UK, a global leader and active participant in 5G development has called FTSE 100 companies to participate in O2 5G testbed trials to implement early O2 5G technology in the UK.

O2’s testbed commitment aims to unlock the potential for an increase in national output and an improvement in the UK economic performance.

O2 has written to every chief executive of companies in the FTSE 100 Index to invite them to participate in O2’s 5G testbed trials, ahead of the UK’s expected 5G launch from 2020. The call for applications was today made by Mark Evans, O2’s CEO.

Under the ground-breaking 5G commitment, O2 aims to work with a number of FTSE 100 businesses to understand the processes and use cases that would benefit from 5G. This could range from improving efficiencies in supply chains and production processes to unlocking new 5G enabled revenue streams and enhancing customer experience.

The commitment comes as O2 states its belief in 5G ‘to transform every corner of life and society’ whilst making it accessible for businesses and consumers alike.

Derek McManus, who has overseen the introduction of both 3G and 4G throughout his career as O2’s Chief Operations Officer, said: “5G is a brilliant way for the UK to turn promise into progress. This nation will thrive on the potential power of 5G.”

The FTSE 100 businesses will need to express their interest by September 2018 and meet certain qualifying criteria to be considered for the opportunity.



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