NxtGen partners VMware

VMware and NxtGen Data Center and Cloud Services has announced a partnership to offer solutions to enterprises across public clouds and on-premises data centres with the flexibility to modernize their data centers, within the boundaries of governance.

Together, they unveiled an expanded set of products and services as part of the NxtGen Infinite Data Center, which is delivered from NxtGen’s data centers located across Mumbai and Bangalore.

Arun Parameswaran, Managing Director, VMware India said, “VMware’s cloud and infrastructure solutions help address this challenge by empowering people and their organizations to access any application on any device from any cloud, with intrinsic security “architected in” across every layer. Service providers like NxtGen can leverage VMware technology to help customers from decreased time to market, reduced capital expenditure and lowered development costs to stay competitive.”

The use case of an application determines whether it is initially deployed on physical hardware, private cloud or public cloud. Cloud-native applications, for example, take advantage of APIs and are tied to a cloud service provider. Traditional applications, on the other hand, are built for the data center and will need to be migrated to the cloud for greater scalability.

NxtGen enables its customers to adopt VMware technology to modernize their data centers, integrate public clouds and transform security. The VMware Cloud Provider platform, which includes VMware vCloud Director and VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) solutions, helps NxtGen achieve operational efficiency by rapidly enabling and monetizing highly-scalable cloud environments.

Using a full spectrum of technologies from VMware, including VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN and VMware NSX, NxtGen has built a highly-flexible infrastructure that can be configured to deliver multiple application usecases and deliver high performance for its customers. VMware vCloud Director enables cloud providers to provision SDDC services that are ready for use within minutes. As a service provider, NxtGen manages multiple physical data centers, which hosts thousands of virtualized data centres.

A.S. Rajgopal, CEO, NxtGen said, “We are confident that with VMware’s help, we can accelerate the delivery of IT infrastructure, allowing security and control, and prompt responses to customers. In turn, we will be able to help our customers enhance their efficiency by delivering elasticity in their IT infrastructure. With nine data centers across the country, we are committed to supporting India’s growing needs for data consumption, sustaining capital savings for businesses and boosting the job market.”



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