Numeric introduces KEOR Series Three Phase UPS

R. Chellapan, Managing Director, Numeric Power Systems

Numeric has announced new KEOR Series of Three Phase UPS – Keor HP and Keor HPE.

With flexible operating modes for large facilities, datacenters and business-critical applications, the new range allows users flexibility of extending its range from 60 kVA to 4.8 MVA.

Keor HP and Keor HPE by Numeric is designed with advanced technologies and latest generation components. These intend to satisfy both user and installers by providing ease of maintenance and safety; capital preservation and reducing operating expenses.

It has a 3-level IGBT inverter design that helps to improve the inverter efficiency and overall efficiency thus reducing the operational expenses. High input power factor & Low THDi reduces the cost of electrical infrastructure. Multi DSP controller in the products helps the UPS to respond faster.

Introducing the product, Palash Nandy, Chief Commercial Officer, Numeric said, “These Keor series three phase UPS will allow data center operators lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) and enable them to continuously maintain, operate, monitor and optimize the data center throughout its life cycle. Depending on the power demand, KEOR series of UPS will enables our customers to connect to parallel operation, thus increasing the utility as per demand.”

Keor HP and Keor HPE offers flexible energy storage solutions with options for in built and external battery banks. Additionally, Keor HP and Keor HPE features top and bottom cable entry, full front service access and back to the wall installation making it one of the easiest UPSes in its class to deploy, install and maintain. Intended for use in large datacenters and colocation facilities, the Keor HP and Keor HPE can offer solutions between 60 kVA to 4.8 MVA requirements, making it ideally suitable and scalable for the power requirements of such facilities.


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